The UnGlove


UnGlove pool gloves…are the NeXT Generation of pool glove. Full control and feel of the cue and table No fingertips to wear out No more sweaty palms No velcro straps The last Glove you'll ever buy! * Dealer inquiries welcomed and encouraged Click Here and promote the hottest new product on the market.

This limited offer ends in:

Pocketchalker in Black Leather with a Black Handle

$16.98 $12.00

The ULTIMATE Pocketchalker pool cue chalk holder. Holds PREDATOR! Our Pocketchalker pool cue chalk holder looks attractive and is carefully crafted for an elite look from the following luxury raw materials and ‘NO’ glue: Recycled Italian saddle leather Indian horn handle Peruvian ceramic Shiny silver accents. EXCLUSIVE: A Snap-Strap Cover. With quality and class in both looks and material, this product...

The Loop - Pool Cue Chalk Holder - ONE Of A Kind!


How to use the Loop Speed Chalker - UNIQUE One Of A Kind! They Never Saw It Coming! Never break your stride to chalk your cue Snap Strap cover to keep the chalk dust out of your case and off your cue Adjustable - The string isn't tied inside. Simply twisted tight and stuffed inside Never FORGET to chalk again!...

CHALK WRAP - Pool Cue Chalk Holder


This Black 100% Italian Saddle Leather Chalk holder will Smoooooth over time and mold to your chalk like your ass molds to the seat of a saddle. And, with the "Snap Strap Cover", it’ll keep the chalk dust off your cue and out of your case. 

Retractable - Pool Cue Chalk Holder


The ONLY Leather Retractable Chalk Holder on the market! Hand-made with Black Recycled Italian Saddle Leather and a Black Peruvian Ceramic 8 Ball. This plastic retractable chalk holder lets the chalk hand down. The Snap Strap Cover wraps around and holds it tight. Therefore, keeping the chalk away from your clothes.  

Case Clip - Pool Cue Chalk Holder


Simply clip this 100% Italian saddle leather pool cue chalk holder with a Peruvian ceramic accent to your case, and when someone asks the inevitable, you'll have a classy little piece to offer. They'll be sure to show some respect by returning it.